I have sensitive ears! what are the earring posts made of?

  • Earring Backs: Hypoallergenic nickel-free & lead-free titanium. These posts satisfy the US requirements for nickel-free and lead-free. 
  • Ball Posts: 25K Gold-Plated Ball Posts
  • Fish Hooks: 14K Gold-Filled Fish Hooks
  • Huggie Hoops: 18K Gold-Filled Huggie Hoops
  • Hoops: Gold-Filled Hoops

Can you make earrings blemish free? 

Since my earrings are handmade from polymer clay, imperfections are unavoidable. I do everything i possibly can to eliminate all bubbles, markings, scratches. Unfortunately, being completely blemish free is not possible. Please know that I would never ship out earrings that have large imperfections/blemishes.

I am a firm believer that when purchasing handmade items, you are aware of the “imperfectly perfect” standard. It is about being proud & acknowledging your handcrafted items - imperfections & all. That's what makes handmade products so much more meaningful! 

Are the earrings heavy?

No! My earrings weigh between .18-.25 oz, about the same as 2 pieces of paper towels, even the largest pairs! 

Custom & Wholesale Orders

Do you take custom or personalized orders? 

Yes. All custom orders will start at $45. Custom and personalized orders may increase in price depending on complexity and availability of resources. Please feel free to email me at simplyyenni@gmail.com.

Do you take wholesale orders? 

Yes. Wholesale prices will depend on complexity and availability of resources. Please contact me for wholesale order at simplyyenni@gmail.com.

Earring Care

How do I take care of my earrings? 

• Handle with care! Polymer clay is durable and bendable, but not unbreakable. polymer clay will bend prior to breaking
• I recommend saving the box you receive your items in for safe storage.
• To clean, you may use a soft towel, damp paper towel, or q-tip dipped water in rubbing alcohol to gently go over the necessary areas 


How fast will I receive my order? 

I guarantee you will have your order dropped off at USPS within 7 days of your purchase.

I never received my order - what do I do? 

• Once an item is dropped off at USPS and is shown as "in transit," Simply Yenni is no longer responsible for the package and will not be responsible for a product replacement or refund if the item is lost. 
• If you have any shipping issues, please contact USPS directly with your tracking number.
• There are times when USPS will indicate "delivered" before it is actually delivered. if this occurs, please wait 3 business days. If still undelivered, please contact USPS directly.
• Please contact me via email prior to your purchase if you would like insurance on your shipment. 

Returns & Exchanges 

Do you accept returns or cancellations?

I do not accept returns or cancellations. However, if your earrings are damaged when received, please contact me within 14 days of delivery and I will send you another pair. 

Do you accept exchanges? 

I do not accept exchanges. However, if your earrings are damaged when received, please contact me within 14 days of delivery and I will send you another pair. 
• All damages will be reviewed case by case.
• You must ship your items back within 30 days since your purchase.